Environmental Facilities Experience:

City of Atlanta from 2003 to 2009 City of Atlanta, On-call Projects:

The city of atlanta is comprised of many departments that work in unison to maintain, repair, and build the sewers, water supply, streets, parks and facilities. this contract is unique in that all public service departments within the city government have access to our team, meaning that we have to be comprehensive in our provisions and resources to support each department’s specific needs.

Specific services of the contract include: design of treatment facilities and conveyance systems, sewer design, stormwater control structure design, streetscape design, bridge design, preparation of engineering studies, modeling process and hydraulics, assistance with regulatory requirements, citizen participation involvement, land acquisition, pre-design and preconstruction support, and partnering.

City of Atlanta bike Route Plan

■ upgrade the existing bike Plan, developed in 1995. video log routes and utilize mapping files provided by COA to prepare a detailed map of the existing bike routes.
■ The team conducted a review and revision of the existing standards for bike Routes that currently exist for the city. the team will develop a set of signing and pavement marking details and guidelines for use by the city staff during implementation of the bike Route Plan.

Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway Signal Design

■ signal upgrade plans for six intersections and communication plans for nineteen intersections along hollowell Parkway.
■ Plans are developed to city of Atlanta design standards. There will 19 intersections with full upgrades.

Design & CM Services for Hemphill Reservoir #1 Embankment Repair

■ During the first phase of work, we performed a dam break engineering analysis and a seismic modeling of the dam embankment.
■ We also identified emergency drainage requirements and prepared alternative solutions to correct the problems identified.

Homeland Security Improvements to the city’s Water System

■ This is a $676,000 task order under our a/e open end contract with the city of Atlanta.
■ this project is segmented in four major sub tasks:
1. conduct a technical security feasibility study of the Hemphill Treatment Plant and Raw Water Reservoirs,
2. Perform a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment of the R.M. Clayton treatment Plant,
3. conduct a 2-day class room training session utilizing fema references and
4. Develop an overall security master plan.

Design Services for Hemphill Reservoir – (Phase 2) E7X72508

■ Preliminary Design services for Hemphill Reservoir #1. Performed dam break engineering analysis and seismic modeling of the dam embankment. Identified emergency drainage requirements. Prepared alternative solutions to correct the problems identified.
■ Preliminary services completed on the Fairburn Water Mains and Pump stations. the next phase of design services will kick-off soon and we are currently developing scope and price.

Fairburn Road and Hartsfield Road Pump station

■ This project is segmented in three major subtasks: 1) Design of Fairburn Road Pumping station, 2) Design of Fairburn Road and Welcome All Road water main and 3) Design improvements for the Hartsfield Pump Station.
■ Biddable construction documents will be prepared for Fairburn Road  and Welcome All Road water main and design improvements for the Hartsfield Pump Station.
■ Work on the design of Fairburn Road Pumping Station was suspended in June 2006, due to hydraulic model study results (performed by ch2Mhill indicating that population projections do not support the need for the station).

Asset management Program

■ supported the implementation of a comprehensive asset management program for the DWM, Water Division.
■ Tasks completed during the first phase include identification  of Government accounting standards board (Gasb) assets, defining rates scales for plant  assets, estimating useful life and asset classifications, supporting assessed assets workshop, add Gis and mapping capability to the MAXIMO system.
■ During the second phase of work we will import data into MAXIMO, install enterprise applications on the DWM network, perform an asset condition assessment, asset valuation and performing Refurbishment/Replacement Planning for the DWM GASB assets.

City-Wide Water Meter Inspection

■ Water meter inspections conducted for all of the residential 80,000 water meters, by PRaD Group in conjunction  with our joint venture partner.

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES) staff augmentation – construction management

■ supported the coa’s Program management team (Ptm) by providing contract managers, scheduler/Project controls and field inspection staff.
■ Our personnel; were embedded with city forces and work side by side with them on sanitary sewer system construction/rehabilitation projects throughout the city.

Water utility locates Services-city of Atlanta, Ga

■ Responsible for in-office support of field technicians on the project. Provided coordination and direction as required. Work with JV partner to resolve project issues.
■ Represented firm and JV at client meetings. attended and provided input at team meetings as well as responsible for project staffing.

Southwest Water Main Improvements – city of Atlanta, Ga Department of Watershed Management

■ the project consisted of 30,000 feet of water main installation including stream crossings and jack and bore beneath railroad and roadway crossings, preparation of usacoe and railroad permitting documents as well as stream buffer variances.
■ Responsible for managing the design and permitting of 54-inch potable water transmission main.
■ Responsible for engineering design, coordination, budget, schedule and QA/QC.

Koweta Road Booster Pumping Station and Water Mains – city of Atlanta, Ga Department of Watershed Management

■ Work involved development of plans and profiles as well as ancillary facilities. civil design also included siting and development of grading, drainage and paving plans for the 22 mgd booster pump station, and storage tanks with storage capacity of 10,000,000 gallons. Work included detention design and access roadway.
■ Responsible for work of staff involved in the design of over 30, 000 feet of 48 inch and 36 inch diameter transmission mains to convey water to south Fulton county. Responsible for engineering coordination, budget, schedule and QA/QC.

Virginia highland Water mains Replacement – city of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

■ Responsible for work of staff involved in the design and construction administration for the replacement of over 110,000 linear feet of existing 6 inch water mains with new 8 inch (101,000 LF) and 12 inch (9000 LF) of ductile iron pipe in 64 neighborhood streets.
■ Work also included tapping and valving for 16”, 24” and 30” connections. the project also replaced associated valves, hydrants, meters, and service lines.
■ The design was accomplished on a fast-track basis and construction was completed on schedule May 2007.

valve and hydrant Asset assessment, test and survey services – city of Atlanta, Ga Department of Watershed management (Joint venture)

■ the objective is to restore the city’s water distribution system, consisting of approximately 48000 valves, 24000 hydrants and 24000 hydrant isolation valves to maximum operability.
■ the implementation of the program is to locate, assess condition, map and implement minor repairs of valves and hydrants in the transmission and distribution system.
■ a second objective is to develop a geographic information system (Gis) database that contains necessary locations water system transmission and distribution asset records and global positioning system (GPs) locations.

Locates testing and Repair services

■ During the first visit to each asset, the condition assessment, GPs locating, documentation, on site improvements and leak soundings were accomplished.
■ to accomplish locate, assess repair and GPs, bPa provides appropriate traffic control and safety measures. Work performed in predefined one mile by one mile grids; each team is assisted to a grid. All work accomplished within 36 months.

12-inch to 24-inch Water Mains in Roswell and north Fulton county, Fulton county Public Works Department

■ Design of water mains in Roswell and north Fulton county areas, of over 30,000 feet of pipe ranging from 12-inch through 24-inch diameter pipe. Performed route studies, material selection, and cost estimates.

Hemphill Pump Station upgrades, city of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

■ Responsible for staff involved in the design of upgrades to the city of Atlanta’s high service Pump station.
■ the existing pump station has a discharge capacity of 175 mgd at 130 PSI. The pump station was being upgraded to provide long term reliability of the facility.
■ Plans and specifications were developed for removal, disassembly, and overhaul of 8-25 mgd pumps and 8-1600 HP motors, replacement of 4 water-cooled VFD drives, replacement of 2-eim actuators and gearboxes which operate the 84 inch suction well effluent valves, upgrade to the existing control system, and repair leak on the existing 72 inch transmission main.

48-inch transmission main, Atlanta-Fulton county Water Resources commission

■ Provided design and construction services for the 48-inch water transmission main from new water treatment Plant in north  Fulton county to Roberts Drive tanks in Roswell.
■ The 48-inch main was approximately 50,000 feet long and included several Jack and bore crossings, as well as Chattahoochee river crossing. The main was originally routed along Roswell road. During preliminary studies, the design team identified alternate routes including pipe encroachment along Georgia hwy 400.
■ After various negotiations with GDOT a permit was obtained to locate pipe in GA 400 Right of way. surge control pneumatic tanks were designed for a safe location at the existing fulton county fire station on Old Alabama Road. the pipe has been in operation for the last 12 years.
■ over 100 construction and permanent easements were negotiated during the preparation of construction documents for this project.

54 –inch Raw Water Main, Atlanta-Fulton county Water Resources commission

■ Project consisted of the design of a 12,000 feet long 54 inch diameter raw water main. This main conveyed water from intake pump station to the raw water reservoir at the Atlanta Fulton county Water Treatment Plant.
■ This water main traversed through Georgia power Right of way, through wetlands and heavily traveled old Alabama Road. A parallel 54- inch pipe was designed and constructed in 2004 to supply raw water to a new one billion gallon reservoir.
■ construction of the main through wet lands required undercutting existing soils to depths ranging up to 20 feet, and replacement of unsuitable materials with suitable earth material.

Atlanta-Fulton county Water treatment Plant – Fulton county, GA

■ Responsible for all phases of the 90 mgd facility, ranging from site location to completion.
■ Responsible for designing the state of the art water treatment facility, which included lamella plate settlers, plate and frame filter presses for solids handling, and an ultra instrumentation and monitoring systems.
■ construction cost $750,000,000.

City of Atlanta’s three Rivers Project

■ the project consisted of design of 35,000 feet of 24” transmission main to convey flint River effluent to South River Plant.
■ six alternate routes and pipe alignments were investigated during the study.
■ The alternates were evaluated on present worth of costs for operation over 20 years.

Scott candler Water Treatment Plant upgrade, DeKalb county Department of Watershed Management

■ Responsible for the upgrade of the existing 100 mgd water treatment plant to 150 mgd with structural and other fixtures designed to accommodate the eventual maximum of 200 mgd.
■ Modifications included improved flock settling basins, new clear well and transfer pumping station, new ground storage tanks, new high service pump station with standby generators in addition to improvements to the chlorine feed systems.

Dallas Water utility Facility Plant

■ area-wide study to plan and upgrade facilities for the year 2020. Projected needs of wastewater service to upgrade the existing conveyance and treatment facilities. Also included sewer system inflow infiltration reduction.

Utoy creek Water Reclamation center, city of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

■ Responsible for managing all construction inspection, quality control and facility startup.
■ extensive savings and on schedule completion was accomplished during construction as a result of personal recommendation to revise 16-inch water main, deletion of precast pipe trenches, and revisions to pipe bridges.

R.M. Clayton Plant upgrades and Modifications, Water Reclamation center, city of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

■ Supervised twenty-five professionals during the construction of Phase III
facilities for the R.m. Clayton plant modifications.
■ Work involved shop drawing review, value engineering, proposal reviews and evaluations, coordination with plant managers for planned shutdowns, installation of temporary equipment and facilities for meeting effluent quality and ensuring project completion was on schedule.
■ construction cost $108,000,000. Project was completed six months ahead of schedule.

Little River Water Reclamation center, Fulton county Public Works Department.

■ the 1.0 mgd bardenpho nutrient removal plant with effluent filters and ultraviolet disinfection facilities with ox charges for post aeration.
■ This facility was designed to provide for operation without operator interface and provided for full computer controlled with modulating pumps and valves to provide treatment.
■ This project was the recipient of the EPA award for Best operating small Plant.

Flint River Water Pollution control Plant, Griffin, GA

■ Design to upgrade the plant from 3 mgd to a 6 mgd secondary facility with nutrient removal including an equalization basin and an effluent pump station and 30,000 feet of 30-inch force main.

McAlpine Water Reclamation center, Charlotte-Mecklenburg utility Department

■ Responsible for providing the engineering design for the upgrade of the existing plant to meet more stringent effluent criteria.
■ Work included modifications of the primary, secondary and chlorination facilities along with the solid handling facility improvements that included digester heating and mixing facilities.

Pole Bridge creek Water Reclamation center, DeKalb county Department of Watershed Management

■ Responsible for the upgrading of the system from a 12 mgd secondary facility to a 20 mgd advance water treatment facility to include nitrification and phosphorus reduction.
■ Facility was completely redesigned to racetrack configuration with chemical clarifiers and
effluent disinfection.

Wastewater lift Stations

■ Flint River Pump station: Project consists of completing detailed design and permitting to replace the existing two stage pump station arrangement with a single pump station.
■ Bolton Road lift station improvements: Project consists of completing detailed design and permitting to replace the existing two stage pump station arrangement with a single pump station
■ Niskey lake Pump station 2 improvements: Project consists of completing detailed design and permitting associated with converting the existing wet well- dry pit pump station into a submersible pump station, removal of the existing pumping equipment and demolition of the existing dry pit and modifications to the sewer collection system will be implemented to prevent overflow at nearby manhole.

Water Treatment Plant Improvements

■ Hemphill WTP Process improvements: Detailed design associated with installation of a powdered activated carbon, improvements to the 1987 filters, and sedimentation basis effluent collection systems and yard valves.
■ Chattahoochee WTP Process improvements: Detailed design associated with installation of a powdered activated carbon, improvements to the fluoride feed system, sedimentation basis effluent yard valves and sample lines.

Dewatering Facilities

■ Detailed design and permitting of improvements required to allow DWM to re-establish mechanical dewatering at both water treatment plants using belt press technology. effort also includes improvements to the existing support facilities, such as filter backwash holding tanks, thickeners, etc.

Water Resources Projects

■ WR-1 Water loss Accounting and Reduction Program and Water loss Audit Report 2013: comprehensive review of the various DWM system components that impact the overall value of the water loss, identify and correct identified deficiencies, recommend long term steps where short term solutions for deficiencies are not possible, establish/ correct standard operating procedures and identify gaps in information sharing within DWM.
■ WR-2 SSO Reduction Support: continuing support by JP2 staff to DWM to further develop and implement SSO (sanitary sewer overflow) reduction alternatives to achieve reduction goals.
■ WR-3 Stream Delisting and Water Resource management tasks: Identification of potential streams that qualify for delisting and submit required documentation to Georgia EPD. Additionally, will provide recommendations to build upon the current monitoring program and develop steps required to move towards delisting based on current regulations.
■ WR-4 Tunnel and Bellwood Quarry scope Development: technical support and review of initial geotechnical effort associated with the Bellwood Quarry tunnel and pump station project.

Distribution system modeling and Disinfection bi-Products (DBP):

■ Distribution system modeling: integration of the Gis-based data into the DWM’s new hydraulic modeling software, calibrate the model and perform model evaluations under varying demand conditions.
■ Disinfection by Products Assessment: Study to review current THM sampling results, pilot test DBP control alternatives in the distribution system, evaluate operational modifications that can be implemented to control/reduce DBPs, and determine the next steps to pinpoint the most effective treatment changes to target the DBP precursors and also to pinpoint the formation time and strategically place system additions in the distribution system.

Master Plan and hydraulic Assessment

■ hemphill WTP Master Plan and hydraulic Assessment: Overall site master plan to address access, compliance with future regulations and expansion. in addition hydraulic restriction will be modeled to identify required corrective actions.
■ hydraulic Assessment of Re-pumping stations: field testing and hydraulic analysis to identify the feasibility and cost effectiveness of variable frequency drives at the three re-pumping stations.
■ Priming systems: Preparation of design documents to replace priming systems for the pumps at the adamsville and northside Re-pumping stations.

Assessment of short-term needs

■ the city of atlanta is in the process of developing a long-term master plans for water facilities. The master plans are aimed at developing a 50 year outlook for the overall facility repair, replacement and expansion, if needed.
■ Assessment of water treatment facilities, major pump stations, cso and lift stations to develop a short-term list of items that need immediate response for DWM.

Water system Master Plan

■ Water supply, treatment and distribution component of the comprehensive Water Resources management Plan. it is anticipated that planning period of up to 50 years will be considered in the developmentof the water system master plan.

SSO events analysis and Recommendations

■ assessment of the current framework of sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) control, analysis of the cause of various sso events and identify approaches to reduce ssos that are maintenance-related in origin.

SOP and standards

■ city of Atlanta DWM has several programs and management facilities that require consistent program processes that must be followed.
■ update existing and prepare addition to standard operating Procedures (SOP) to bring clarity and consistency to program operations.

Asset management implementation

■ to improve control and management of the assets and their service life, the asset management (am) system should become fully functional and updated. in addition to treatment plant facilities, the am system should include all pumping, collection and transmission facilities.

Geographic information system services

■ Provide DWM with integrated Gis services necessary to fully understand the engineering, operation and maintenance activities to meet city requirements and available budget. leveraging us army corps of Engineers

Authorities for Water Resources infrastructure assistance

■ Atlanta DWM desires to capitalize on opportunities to leverage federal programs and funding as a key element of

developing and implementing its strategic water resources infrastructure investment plan. homeland Security/vulnerability assessment

■ The DWM has completed vulnerability assessments and an emergency response plan for all the major water facilities in accordance with Bioterrorism act. the vulnerability assessment developed a list of required improvements to improve security and reduce level of risk.

Additional Civil engineering Project experience

■ Nancy creek Replacement of CSO – $8,000,000
■ Hemphill Reservoir and environmental control
■ Hemphill Environmental Assessment
■ Pine Meadow utilitycso $18,000,000
■ Fairmont Garden Sewer Project CSO – $12,000,000
■ Riverside Pump station cm
■ Design of two fire stations – Tampa, FL
■ Design of road, three miles-Tampa, FL
■ Design of bike path – Tampa, FL
■ Design of three roads and bridges – Tampa, FL

Additional city Of Atlanta Project Experience

Department of Parks and Recreation

■ Adamsville Recreation Center and Natatorium
■ Ben hill Gymnasium/community center
■ Techwood Gymnasium
■ martin luther King, Jr. Gymnasium
■ martin luther King, Jr. natatorium
■ new Ben hill Recreation center & tennis center
■ Old Ben hill Recreation center
■ Old adamsville Recreation center
■ candler Park
■ candler Park Recreation center
■ Summer hill Gymnasium
■ bessie branham Recreation center
■ bessie branham Park
■ homeless Shelter/
■ Joyland Park center
■ West Manor Gymnasium

Department of Aviation/Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international airport:

■ Design of three new stands on concourse D
■ Design of two concourse burger King restaurants
■ Design of Delta air lines crown Room lounges
■ Design of five small food stands
■ Design of nine clothing and general retail stores
■ Design of eight news stands on concourse A, B & C
■ Design of six major bars and restaurants for concourse A, B, C & D
■ security gate upgrades on the north and south terminal
■ Renovation to concourse D floor, bathrooms and walls
■ Renovation and additions to three fire stations
■ Renovation and addition to concourse D midpoint expansion, $40,000,000
■ consolidated Rental car facility (Conrac) $300,000,000, PRAD Group served as the construction manager at Risk

PRAD Group’s experience with the City of Atlanta from 1990 to 1999

PRAD Group’s experience with the City of Atlanta from 1983 to 1990