Alabama A&M Unversity

PRAD Group was commissioned to do an utility study for the entire campus. As the site of this old University has grown, contractors have been directed to tape existing sewer, water, gas, steam, electricity, etc. continuously to utilities without performing any studies. Consequently, some of the utility branches were under or oversized.

When it came time to do an additional expansion to the University, PRAD Group studied and provided the existing underground and aboveground utility layout. From this study, PRAD Group worked with the architects and planners to predict what would happen with the future growth of the existing utilities.

A new layout for all the utility piping and power for the campus was designed. The existing layout was studied to show pipe size, flow and direction. The feature layout illustrated the demolition and addition to accommodate future needs.


  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Design Services
  • Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Programming
  • Recommendation/As-Built Drawings


  • Campus Expansion
  • Campus Utility Study
  • $1.5 million Project Cos