PRAD Advantage

PRAD Group searches beyond the obvious to find the most effective and economical solution for each project.

PRAD Group has developed techniques which address all relevant aspects of any type of project.

PRAD Group’s full range of services provides “one-stop” shopping for all your architectural, engineering and construction.

PRAD Group’s client base is 90% repeat business, which reflects a proven track record of completing projects successfully.

PRAD Group, Inc.

Founded in 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia, PRAD Group, Inc. is a full service architectural, engineering, program management, construction management and general construction African American-owned firm. PRAD Group, Inc. was formed to provide client-focused, professional architectural and engineering services to the southeast region. Since its founding in 1983, we have built a practice that embodies the unique mission of the client by transforming those ideas into meaningful form and unique design. These successes have allowed the firm to work repeatedly with many of the same clients. Projects range from accessibility assessments and renovations, to planning and feasibility studies; from basic renovations to the design of complex new structures.

Our practice has deliberately pursued a path of consistent, yet cautious growth. The early, successful growth of the firm can be attributed to the desire to enhance customer service through innovation. This commitment has led to numerous multi-year local, federal and state contracts.

The growth of PRAD Group over the last three decades has resulted in a strong regional practice in the southeast and allowed us to further enhance the services we offer. Today, with a staff of over 50 skilled professionals, we are recognized for our unique ability to create and deliver projects of distinction through architectural, programming, planning and engineering design services.

By combining multi-disciplined services under one roof, we remain a diverse and client-focused firm within a non-hierarchical office environment that fosters open communication and staff collaboration.

Our goal is to serve clients by aligning a comprehensive management approach with strategic objectives. We take pride in our work, and are eager to utilize innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions while undertaking new challenges. With a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, PRAD Group is proud to be one of the most successful MBE firms in the Southeastern United States.

PRAD Capabilities

  • Environmental/ Watershed/ Waste Water
  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing Design and Fire Protection Design
  • Energy Engineering
  • Security Capabilities
  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Performance Contracting
  • Cost Estimation And Scheduling

PRAD Works from 1983


Project Type Number of Projects Estimated Construction Cost
Aviation 20    $800,200,000
K-12 Education 120    $340,000,000
Higher Education 30    $110,000,000
Judicial 30    $850,000,000
Medical 25    $425,000,000
Sports & Recreation 65    $850,000,000
Military & Federal Government 250    $750,000,000
Civil & Environmental 150 $2,400,000,000
Other 38    $700,000,000
Total $7,225,200,000